Being Well Podcast: How to Meet Your Needs

Being Well Podcast: How to Meet Your Needs

In this episode of the Being Well Podcast, Dr. Rick Hanson explains why it’s not so bad to be “needy.” We all have needs for safety, satisfaction, and connection, the question is how can we meet them skillfully?

0:30: Why needs?
1:15: The three needs
2:55: Superficial needs
5:00: The role of mindfulness
6:00: Objections to our needs
7:00: Getting comfortable with neediness
7:50: The evolution of needs
9:00: How to address deep, rather than superficial, needs
11:30: How we can learn to distinguish between deep and superficial needs
13:00: The importance of internalization
14:20: Finding and meeting your key needs
16:20: Meeting needs by growing resources
18:20: Recap

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