Being Well Podcast: Enjoying Life

Being Well Podcast: Enjoying Life

On today’s episode of the Being Well Podcast, Dr. Rick Hanson explains why enjoying life is both easy to dismiss and surprisingly hard to do. Particularly, he explores how we can authentically find enjoyable moments even during very difficult times in our lives.

0:35 – Why is enjoying life a strength to develop?
2:00 – Enjoyment and the brain
3:15 – The importance of key experiences.
4:30 – Our cultural pitfalls around enjoyment.
7:30 – How do we grow strengths? The problem with having a “stiff upper lip.”
8:40 – What needs to be present alongside adversity for it to become an inner strength?
11:00 – Learning from bad experiences.
12:15 – Experiencing vs. Internalizing.
15:15 – Finding enjoyment anywhere.

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