Being Well Podcast: Managing Your Inner Critic

Being Well Podcast: Managing Your Inner Critic

On today’s episode of the Being Well Podcast, Forrest and Dr. Hanson discuss the two “characters” we all have inside our minds: the inner critic and inner nurturer. Particularly, they focus on how we can manage our inner critic while building up a strong inner nurturer.



0:40: What is an inner critic and an inner nurturer?

2:15: Do we have these voices in balance?

4:30: 3 things we can do to limit the influence of the inner critic.

7:55: Balancing too much and too little criticism.

10:00: What value can we take from the inner critic?

11:50: The experience of a child.

14:15: Building up your inner nurturer.

17:20: What the inner nurturer feels like.

19:00: How we feel inside vs. how we act towards others.

20:30: How to stop the inner critic before it gets going.

24:00: Recap

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