Being Well Podcast: Acceptance

Being Well Podcast: Acceptance

On this episode of the Being Well Podcast, Dr. Hanson and Forrest focus on the importance of acceptance. Particularly, they talk about how an authentic moment of acceptance can be a catalyst for positive growth.

0:30: The importance of facing what’s true.
1:45: Feeling acceptance along with something else.
2:40: Using acceptance as a catalyst for creating change.
4:10: How can I turn “acceptance” into something useful?
5:25: What are we accepting?/Aspects of acceptance.
8:30: Can we accept elements of ourselves?
9:55: How can we get better at acceptance?
10:35: The house of the self.
13:00: Practices to grow self-acceptance.
15:45: The fastest way to defuse an argument.
18:35: Recap and close.

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