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My wife, Jan Hanson, M.S., L.Ac., and I have written many columns about making a family, with topics ranging from how to stay intimate friends with your partner while raising children to raising adolescents. They’re posted on our website,, and you can see the range of them below.

Mother Nurture: Current Columns

How to Lower Your Stress
I’ve got a two-year-old plus a newborn and I was telling my own mom how stressed out I was. She interrupted and said, “That’s just mothering, you may as well get used to it.” Then she changed the subject, as if she were passing down some unwritten rule of motherhood: I suffered, and so should you.

Acne Update: Nothing Like a Blemish to Ruin Your Day!
My daughter is only in fifth grade, yet she is already worried about pimples. Please help!

The Real Gift of Parenting
Last year, the holidays were crazy! I seemed to spend most of my time standing in line or carrying bags. We spent a small fortune on assorted complicated gizmos — which got opened and then ignored. We got stressed out in order to relax and suffered in order to have fun. My husband and I stared at each other across the flotsam and jetsam of wrapping paper and various pieces of who-knows-what, and you could see the look in each of our eyes: Say what?!

Giving Emotional Support
My husband and I are polite and all, but our relationship feels sort of like doing business together rather than being mates. Honestly, I wish he was more supportive somehow, and I’m sure he secretly wishes the same from me.

10 Reasons to Take Good Care of a Father
My husband’s getting on my nerves a little. The baby is just six months old and now I’m back to work, too, but still Brett is starting to bug me more and more for attention, affection, sex, etc. Doesn’t he understand I’ve got a lot on my plate?! Can’t he grow up and deal with his needs or whatever and then in a while when things settle down we can connect more?

Building Good Will
I admit it: things annoy me. Like drivers who don’t signal, or husbands who always get home later than they say they will. I wonder, what in the world were they were thinking?! Sometimes the world seems like it’s run by very stupid people. I don’t want to be a grouch, so I bite my tongue most of the time. But I know my attitudes leak out. Tell me something deeper than the usual pap about every cloud has a silver lining, love your neighbor, don’t sweat the small stuff, blah blah.

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