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Gonzalo Brito Pons

Select issues of Just One Thing have been translated to Spanish by Gonzalo Brito Pons.

Gonzalo is a Chilean clinical psychologist. For seven years he has been working with patients suffering from addiction, sexual abuse, and also with the general population in a rural hospital in southern Chile. As a meditation and yoga practitioner for nearly 10 years, he began in 2005 to integrate mindfulness practices in his clinical work and also in workshops with health care professionals and educators. He has recently started a PhD Program in Transpersonal Psychology, at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California, thanks to a governmental scholarship from his country. With some friends and colleagues he is trying to create a South American network of clinicians and educators interested in bringing contemplative insights into their work and into society, in a way that is respectful to the contemplative traditions and also sensitive to the local identities and cultures.

Here is the list of available titles:

Recuerda las Cosas Importantes (Remember the big things)

Descansa (Rest)

Relájate, ya llegaste (Relax, you’ve arrived)

Perdónate a ti mismo (Forgive yourself)

Vacía la taza (Empty the cup)

Ver tu Parte en el Asunto (See your part)

Sostener tus deseos livianamente (Hold wants lightly)

Abraza la fragilidad (Embrace fragility)

Perdonar (Forgive)

Agradecer (Say thanks)

Habla con la verdad (Speak truly)

Mantén los ojos en la meta (Keep your eyes on the prize)

No des razones para temerte (Give no one cause to fear you)

No dejes a nadie fuera de tu corazón (Put no one out of your heart)

Intenta con un tono más suave (Try a softer tone)

Ve el bien el los otros (See the good in others)

Haz Preguntas (Ask questions)

Mantente justo cuando te han tratado injustamente (Stay right when you’re wronged)

You can also view the translations on Red Mindfulness.


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