Being Well Podcast: Relating to Your Body

Being Well Podcast: Relating to Your Body

On today’s episode of the Being Well Podcast, Dr. Hanson and Forrest discuss the strength of Vitality, and how it relates to grit. They explore how we can form more positive relationships with our bodies by accepting, nurturing, and appreciating them.

0:50: How does the physical resource of “vitality” impact the mental strength of “grit”?
2:10: How accepting the body helps us nurture the body.
4:10: Why is it so hard for people to accept their bodies?
8:10: How can we become more accepting of our bodies?
11:45: A practice for accepting the body.
14:00: The importance of appreciating the body.
16:30: A practice for thanking the body.
18:30: How can we form good habits around our physical practices?
22:10: Taking action on any given day, focusing on your effort rather than results.
24:15: Recap

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